Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall is here...

Some things I am LOVING about October:

1. Taking my girls to the corn maze today!
2. Loading up the van {again} and taking the girls to the pumpkin patch tomorrow!
3. Having an excuse to make chili.
4. Decorating!
5. Fall brings about all new color schemes for weddings... so much fun to switch it up!
6. I am participating in a wedding planner mentorship program ~ this will be some hands-on training with a top Seattle wedding planner. I am so excited!

What do you love about October? :-)


Sandy said...

One of my favorite things about October is that the leaves are changing color, but still on the trees, so we don't have to start raking them up, yet!

Sandy said...

Another thing I Love about October is Halloween! As a young child, it was one of my most favorite hollidays! Then at a photo lab where I worked, every year we would have a costume party on Halloween. I worked in the art department, and my supervisor would plan her costume for the next year, right after the party! She spend the entire year creating and sewing it. It was a big secret, and caused a great deal of anticipation! One year she was the Spinx! (Sp?) Unbelievable! At another lab, I actually won second place-went as the Pink Panther! There are unlimited ideas for costumes. Except for Mardi Gras, when I lived in New Orleans, LA, no other holiday quite lived up to Halloween for me; as a child or an adult! As a "great-grandma" now, it is just fun to see what others come up with these days! Be creative and design your costumes! You will be amazed at what you can do! Enjoy!

Sandy said...

Opps! Not "Spinx," but "Sphinx" is what I meant in previous statement. Spelling is not one of my strong points. (BTW, a "Sphinx" is a mythical creature with the body of a Lion, but with a human face. Her Halloween costume was made out of brown furry material, and even had the body of the lion out behind her through the use of cardboard, so she looked like the photos/drawings by ancient pyrimids! It certainly was a sight to see!)

Marja said...

One thing I love about october is my birthday :) We had a great party this year, BBQ, art show, book signing, lots of food and drinks and wonderful company! It couldn't be a better ocotber day!