Friday, June 19, 2009

Honeymoon tips

On the heels of all this Honeymoon talk... I thought it would be appropriate to give you some great tips on planning your dream honeymoon. This will be your first holiday away as Husband and Wife. After months of planning and making decisions, then finally tying the knot, you deserve some time to revel in your new life together.

1. Start talking about it - NOW.

If you are engaged, your honeymoon must be a topic of conversation.What if you and your Honey have completely opposite ideas of the 'perfect' Honeymoon? You might want to tan on the beach; he may want to go skiing in Vermont.

In addition to location, also talk with each other about the specifics... do you want to splurge on the room with the four-poster bed and the best view? or do you want a less expensive room so you can focus on the sights?

2. Contact a travel agent. Why? They have the inside scoop! Sure, there are thousands of 'hot deals' on the Internet. A travel agent, though, can often get added extras that you'll surely want on your honeymoon! An upgraded suite... possibly dinner for two. Be sure to spell out exactly what you want, in detail. Then, give your agent time to come up with the best package for you.

3. Wait a day. If at all possible, try not to leave on the day of your wedding. Spend the evening together in a local hotel. After all, your wedding day will be busy enough without trying to catch a flight!

4. When, Where, and How Much? In addition to your destination, you'll need a way to get there... plane? train? You will also need a place to stay and a way to get around - rental car anyone?

5. Documentation - once you decide where you are going, determine what documentation you will need. A Visa? A Passport? Medical clearance or vaccinations??

6. US Travel Advisories. Occasionally, it's not safe for American citizens to travel to certain areas. Here is the link for the U.S. Department of State -
You'll find travel warnings & advisories as well as information on Visas and Passports.

7. Local tourism. If you're headed to a never-before-visited destination, contact the local board of tourism. You can request maps, brochures, and details regarding any special events.

8. "We're on our Honeymoon!" Let everyone know that you're newlyweds. You won't believe the special treatment that you can receive!

9. Honeymoon Registry. Go to Traveler's Joy and register for your honeymoon!

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