Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding Card Box

What to do with all of those cards you receive for your wedding?

Just last week, I met with a couple who expressed frustration in finding the perfect holder for all of the wedding cards they will surely receive on their wedding day. Their choices are very limited and, well, not very elegant.

I happened upon a Facebook ad today for The Perfect Card Box. I was so excited when I visited their page! They offer today's Brides & Grooms a beautiful, unique, and elegant way to collect cards from their guests...

Offered in several different sizes and colors, these gorgeous card boxes hold your photos, giving you that personal (and functional!) touch on your special day. And even better ~ you can use your Wedding Card Box after your wedding, too! Pop a few wedding photos in it, and keep your mementos (cake topper, guest book to name a few) tucked safely inside.

Visit their website: The Perfect Card Box

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Sandy said...

This is a great idea; I have never seen anything like it, before. Thanks for putting it on your site, I just sent a link to Jashon & his mother, Teresa. Jashon's wedding is August 17th, & Berry & I will be attending it! I can hardly wait! Last August it was Your wedding we were attending. And my first wedding was in August, a Very long time ago; back in 1958, August 18th which was also a Monday! Keep up all the great stuff you post here!