Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding Plan Tip {Choosing a Reception Venue}

Choosing your wedding reception venue can be one of the biggest and most fun decisions you make for your wedding! The first thing you should do is decide if you would like to book a venue that charges an all-inclusive, per-person fee (most hotels, restaurants, etc.) or if you would like to book the venue by itself and be responsible for providing the food, beverages, linens, chairs, etc (halls, private residences, wineries.)

The advantage of the all-inclusive venue is that most everything is made available and included for you. Keep in mind that the choices of food, beverages and tableware may be limited. If you are having a tough time deciding between hiring all of your own vendors or having it come included, make sure to break down cost of each rental item that you would be responsible for and compare it to the overall price of a venue that already includes such items.

***Tip to Save Money: Try to eliminate the cost of the cake-cutting fee. Reception sites may be negotiable with this if you meet a minimum food/drink amount.

I had the privilege of working at an all-inclusive AMAZING new wedding venue last month in Seattle. Sodo Park ( provided the chairs, tables, linens, food, bar service, and many other items that made the wedding flow very smoothly and even that much easier for the bride!

Written By:
Shawnie Cahuya
Bobbi Roth Wedding Design

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