Monday, November 14, 2011

Vendors We Love :: Laura Marchbanks Photography

Welcome to our new feature!
Every Monday, we will spotlight a fabulous (*very fabulous*) wedding vendor.

Allow me to introduce you to... Laura Marchbanks Photography

Meet Laura (she is quite adorable, yes?)

So... we love her! Like really, really love her. She is one of 'those people' you meet and instantly feel like you've known forever (true story). Her smile is contagious, and she has a calming way about her ~ this is a *must* for brides & grooms. :-)
Laura shares the perfect balance of being a true professional while still showing her fun,
creative, spunky side! And this is exactly why couples love to have her photograph their engagements, their weddings, their new babies...

Take a peek at some of her creativeness...

I *love* this e-session photo!!

And this bridal party shot!

You can feel how much Kelsey & Justin feel for one another...

She has so obviously captured this couple's personality, in the middle of the ceremony... priceless!

** Oh FUN!! When your reception begins, Laura will have her laptop up with photos she's already taken that day!! Yes, your guests will all be gathered around looking at your wedding photos... on your wedding day!!

Do you want to look at your wedding photos and experience your wedding day all over again? Do you want photos that will create a (fun, creative, yet unique) legacy that will last for years?
Give Laura a call: 503.930.2229 or send her an email:
Definitely check out her PORTFOLIO!!

Check back with us next Monday for another amazing vendor!


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