Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wedding Planning Tip {5 Tips for planning a Summer Wedding}

Yes winter has not even officially begun yet, however many newly engaged couples are in over their head planning for their up-coming summer wedding. Here are some things to think about NOW in preparation for your wedding next summer.

1- Send out your Save the Dates extra early- Don't wait until the last minute to send out your save the dates. A lot of people will plan vacations upto a year ahead of time. Make sure your date gets marked in their calendars first! :)

2- Check the calendar!- Before you choose your favorite date based on the day you and your fiance first met (although cute) make sure that it doesn't interfere with any holidays (Labor Day/Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.) ALTHOUGH... do not be opposed to purposely planning your wedding on a 3-day weekend, especially if you have a lot of out of town guests. I planned our wedding on Labor Day weekend for this exact reason. My husband and I have a lot of out of town family so we figured it would be a great excuse for our guests to take a mini-vacation.

3- Speaking of "mini-vacations"... make your wedding a fun-filled weekend!- Guests may want to take advantage of the warm weather and fun-filled activities in the town you are getting married in. Make useful guest bags filled with an area map, attractions, a local food sample, or your favorite dining recommendations. Make your wedding a weekend to remember!

4- Use foods that are in-season. As a summer bride you have the opportunity to incorporate seasonal, local-grown foods into your menu. Think a fresh green salad with tomato's and bell peppers, or lime-butter grilled corn on the cob (one of my specialties!) Berries can also be incorporated into your cake or another delicious dessert such as a blackberry pie!

5- Consider the climate & have a backup plan. If you are planning an outdoor wedding expecting to see beautiful sunny skies without a cloud in the sky, we hate to rain on your parade but you do need to have a backup plan for the worst case weather scenario. A hall nearby, an extra large tent, or even an indoor/outdoor venue are all options. If you live somewhere that gets very hot, or humid, I recommend getting a fondant cake if you would like it to be displayed outside. Although buttercream is delicious, fondant will hold up way better without melting before you and your fiance cut the cake. Also consider the hottest hours of the day are roughly between 10 and 3 pm... and evening wedding may be more suitable. {Also, don't forget your sunscreen!}

Happy Planning!


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