Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Elegant Images Photography

Wedding photos.

You spend months planning.
You change your color scheme three times.
You pour over magazine photos of bouquets and centerpieces.
You find "the dress" that makes your Mother cry.
You don't go anywhere without your wedding notebook.
You cannot sleep the night before.
Finally, all of those little details come together ~ the production that is your wedding.

Wedding photos.

Your wedding album is one that will be cherished for years to come.
This album will be thumbed through on many an occasion.
Those photos should be so amazing that you have no choice but to feel the same emotions you felt when you became husband and wife.

Wedding photos.

I spent the morning going over my wedding album with my photographer today.
That poor woman!
I cannot tell you the number of changes we made.
Some were easy ~ swap one photo for another.
Others... well, I had her change the position... and the background... and then 'maybe, could you fade that a little...?'
Yes, I was that picky.
(Sorry, Carrie!!!)
My photographer was Carrie Stark
Elegant Images Photography
My husband and I are super happy with our photos... so happy that it took me THREE hours today to pick the best ones!! What a problem to have ~ too many great photos!

Here are a few of my favorite album pages:

Some ceremony photos...

Our reception...

Our first dance...

Thank you, Carrie!


Sandy said...

Priceless! In a word, that is my comment. Each photo is just perfect and together, like this, well, it is totally priceless! I am So happy and thrilled for you, both! Yes, having So many wonderful photos to pick from is great! You will just have to create a second album! In fact, I would imagine you could create three albums, each having marvelous photos in them! Thanks So much for sharing these, here!

Sandy said...

I can hardly Wait to See your album, when do you expect to receive it? What is the cover like? Maybe you can post a copy of the cover? Is there a photo on it, or what? What color is it? What material is it made from, leather, linen, what? What size is it? When can you come for a visit? Been So long, again! Miss you! Love this site! I log on to see your smiling face, and these photos are just So perfect! It is like re-viewing a favorite movie; can't get too much of it! And the girls all look so beautiful, as well! Your house must be So full of Life!