Monday, April 6, 2009

Stratejoy ~ Design Your Life

Where do you see yourself in five years? Do you ever sit down and seriously ask yourself this question? Maybe taking the time to write down your most outlandish hopes and dreams for your life? Some of you probably have... so let me ask you this: five years ago, if you asked yourself that same question, would you be happy with where you are today?

Enter Molly; founder of Stratejoy. (cool name, huh?) I had the privilege of speaking with Molly recently, and I am already inspired! What exactly does she do, you ask? She helps women design their lives with weekly power-sessions, if you will. She helps you get into your head and bring out those hidden (some not-so-hidden!) dreams. Next, you come up with a plan of action to make your life the way you want it.

What makes Molly qualified to do this? (I love this part!) At the age of 26, she found herself in an unfulfilling job, in debt, and just straight unhappy with where she was in life. What did she do? Left it all and went backpacking for ten months! How many of you wish you could do that? Some massive journaling, incredible mentoring, and a few adrenaline rushes later she found her way. Now, she's sharing the love...

Check out her kick-ass blog:

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molly b said...

Thanks for the shoutout Bobbi! Here's to women designing their best lives...