Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wedding Gown Fun... er, preservation?

The gown. Some brides know it immediately... the tears, the laughter, the not-wanting-to-take-it-off... after all, this should be THE most beautiful gown you have ever stepped into. And with so many designs out there, you can rock whatever look you are going for ~ beautiful, sexy, glamorous.. you get the idea.

So once the wedding day has come and gone, what to do with the gown?

Here are a few ideas followed by some photos my dear friend, Sandra, sent me to show what an UNpreserved gown looks like. :(

1. Sell it. *gasp* It's quite all right, Ladies, if you don't keep your gown. Not everyone is sentimental, and that's okay. Let another bride feel just as fabulous as you did! Great place to do the selling: BravoBride.com

2. Trash it. what? are you crazy? Trash the Dress has gained much popularity recently. It's all about having fun. You can do as much (or little) trashing as you like. Some couples jump into the lake or the ocean, others get down & dirty in the mud.. it's all you.
Check out JennyGG's OMG (oh my gown!) session...

3. Keep it. Lots of reasons to keep your gown. Maybe you are sentimental... you can't imagine parting with this beautiful creature you searched so long for. Keeping it for your daughter to wear one day is another... I planned on selling mine, in fact, until my little mini-me protested. :)

*** If you do plan on keeping your gown, you must must must preserve it! Take a look at these photos of an UNpreserved wedding gown. (The gown will take up way less room in your closet once it's preserved.)

My friend, Sandra, wore this dress in 1958 ~ love the 1950s style!!

And here is what the gown looks like today; it's yellowing terribly. What a shame! The 1950s style dresses are so popular right now. How awesome would it be to have this in great condition?!

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Emily Thomas said...

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