Monday, November 21, 2011

Vendors We Love :: Jenny GG Photography

I don't know where to begin with the Jenny GG love... we call her JennyGG, Jen, Jenny, or even just plain GG. No matter what you call her, she is awesomesauce. (totally snagged that word from her, too!)

Her amazing partner in crime is the fabulous Jen Wade. We heart you, too, Jen!

Together, they bring a calm yet {fantastically fun} atmosphere to every couples' wedding day. You will pour over your wedding gallery for six months before you can decide what photos to frame. I wish I was one of those amazing bloggers who could make you swoon with my run-on sentences; but since I am not... I'm just gonna throw some adjectives out there: they're talented, fun, creative, funny, go-with-the-flow ladies who are just waiting to photograph your PROPOSAL, then your e-session and your wedding... and then pretty much anything after that!

Meet the ladies behind Jenny GG Photography:

Wanna see some weddings we've done together?

Sofia & Brian...

Angela & Arnel...

and even more weddings we've done together...
Jenni & Jason
MaryLee & Derek
Galina & Bryan

I know you want kick-ass wedding photos!
Give GG a call: 425.830.4421 or email her @

Oooh... just have to share! Jenny photographed my youngest daughter, Emma when she was just five weeks old...

and then Jen Wade captured her first birthday party!

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