Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Planning Tip {DOs and DON'Ts of Gift Registering}

Registering for your wedding gifts is a fun and exciting wedding planning task! Who doesn't love going shopping and picking out things they love? However, sometimes brides can feel overwhelmed on what to register for, quantities, costs, etc. Here are some tips that will save you time and help you end up with useful gifts instead of a closet full of toasters!

DO- Register at more than one store. People like options!

Do NOT- Add appliances you won't use just so that people have options. This is your gift registry, make sure it is things that you and your fiance will find useful and necessary.

DO- Spend some time with your fiance checking out the places you'd like to register after you have made lists of items that you really do need (and want!!).

- Choose items that are really expensive because you know you won't be able to afford them in the first year of marriage. It isn't fair to your guests... a wider price range selection is key!

DO- Scope out the store's website before you go so you are aware of the items they have, price points, etc.

Do NOT- Feel limited to asking for only household goods. If you are already set up in your house and don't need a lot, ask for some things you ‘might' like to have or even items like movies, CDs and more.

DO- Have Fun! Make it a date night and get your fiance involved.

Happy Registering!

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